Unique as the life being remembered.

The Crystal Remembrance™ is hand-crafted from the finest tempered crystal to memorialize your loved one in an elegant, yet subtly bold and unique piece of glass art. Interweaving a small amount of cremated remains with a swirl of your chosen color, our artists create a one of a kind memorial as meaningful and beautiful as the life being commemorated.

The Crystal Remembrance™ is a memorial that can travel with today’s mobile families, and as an exquisite work of art, will be showcased in the family home. These features encourage and increase the occasions for remembering your loved one, in the comfort and familiarity of home.

Each One an Individual Work of Art

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The Crystal Remembrance™ design was created by artisan James Lehr Kennedy, founder and CEO of Crystal Remembrance LLC and a founding member of the Glass Axis Studio in Columbus, Ohio. The artistic intent of the Crystal Remembrance™ is to memorialize your loved one by bringing them into the light, rather than hidden in the darkness of traditional burial or cremation options. Showcased in your home, the Crystal Remembranc™ will provide perpetual occasions for remembering your loved one.

Our highly skilled and degreed artists begin with the conceptual egg shape and combine a meaningful color with a small amount of your loved one’s cremated remains to produce a swirl within the crystal egg. The swirl appears fluid and suggests the double helix of DNA, the structural basis of earthly life. Throughout history the egg has been a symbol of fertility and life, and rising from the base of the egg, the color and cremated remains seem to reach upward toward the sun – the energy source for most earthly life.

The color included in the crystal egg can represent many things: a suggestion of personality, the color of the eyes, the blue of the sky, or the green of a verdant springtime pasture. The quantity of cremated remains required to produce one or many Crystal Remembrances ™  is very small, allowing for family and friends to have their own Crystal Remembrance™. The bulk of the cremated remains are returned to the family for disposition in the manner you choose. The colors often vary in hue and shade within the artwork contributing to the uniqueness of your Crystal Remembrance™.

Crystal Remembrance™ artisans are highly skilled and accomplished artists, frequently displaying their own creations in art galleries. The skill and materials employed in the production of a Crystal Remembrance™ represents the highest form of the glassmaker’s art. Crystal Remembrance LLC takes great care in respectfully creating for you and your family a unique work of art that captures the spirit of your loved one in a comforting and beautiful creation.

Colors & Sizes

A Crystal Remembrance™ is a permanent memorial. With care, they will last forever, to be handed down from generation to generation as a treasured remembrance of a life well lived.  

Crystal Remembrance™ memorials are available in three sizes, based upon the number of “gathers” of glass. The small size Crystal Remembrance™ is “two gathers” which is no less than 5 inches tall. The medium size Crystal Remembrance™ is “three gathers” which is no less than 6.5 inches tall. The large size Crystal Remembrance™ is “4 gathers” which is at least 8 inches in height.  

The colors offered for inclusion in the Crystal Remembrance™ are Red, White, Orange, Yellow, Green, Lt. Blue, Dk. Blue, Violet, Pink, Gold and Black.
Black Gold Dark Blue Orange Light Blue Pink Green White Red Violet Yellow

Crystal Remembrance™ memorials are sold exclusively through a carefully chosen network of licensed funeral homes. Funeral homes are operated by licensed funeral directors to provide high standards of service to the families and communities they support. If your Funeral Home is not yet a designated service provider for Crystal Remembrance LLC, please have your Funeral Home contact us so we can make arrangements for the creation of your Crystal Remembrance™.

Engraving View of Three Pink & Light Blue Light Blue Green Red Orange Yellow
In The News

Jewelry, keepsakes a tribute to deceased

By Sarah Pfledderer | The Columbus Dispatch

Abby Christ of Crystal Remembrance, a Grandview Heights company that encapsulates cremains inside glass eggsThe old photos and cat toys weren’t enough to comfort Abby Fisher after Booter died three years ago.

So she found a way to keep her beloved feline close to her heart: She had a dash of Booter’s cremains set into a glass-blown pendant that she sometimes wears on a necklace.

“Immortalizing him — having that piece of him always with me — was very important,” said Fisher, 41, of the Clintonville neighborhood. “It’s the idea that I have him close to me, and he will never go away.”

Experts say that such tangible tributes to a loved one — whether pet or human — can greatly aid the grieving process.

“The physical presence is gone, yet the relationship continues as a memory that we can pass through the generations in our family,” said Myra Clark, a clinical manager in palliative care at Mount Carmel Hospice.

Commemorative art is one option.

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Crystal Remembrance Expands National and Local Presence

Designer Glass Gallery to Open in 2013

Columbus, Ohio – Locally owned Crystal Remembrance LLC announced today that it has grown to cover 20 states. By year’s end, the company plans the opening of a designer glass gallery in its Grandview studio, featuring acclaimed artists from central Ohio.

Crystal Remembrance is currently active in the midwest, southern and select western states including California, Arizona and Nevada. Now, a sales executive will represent the key states of Washington and Oregon.

“We are excited, and bracing for additional growth as our number of funeral home partnerships grow”, said James L. Kennedy owner and CEO. The production team recently installed a large glass furnace aimed at more than doubling current capacity.

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Columbus Entrepreneur - Memories encapsulated by Crystal Remembrance

Melissa Kossler Dutton | For Business First

When a relative asked James Lehr Kennedy if he could incorporate the cremated remains of a loved one into a glass sculpture, the longtime hot-glass artist was intrigued. He went to the studio and started thinking about shapes and designs that could hold the material and honor the deceased.

“I played with some ideas,” said Kennedy, who has studied glass blowing and other techniques for years.

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NBC 4 - Grandview Man Spins Cremated Remains into Art

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Optional Light Stand
Add on a light base to beautifully display your Crystal Remembrance ™. Brilliant LED lights shine through the display base giving Crystal Remembrance™ an added radiance and soft glow. Choose from either a battery operated, plastic silver 4-LED base with a toggle on/off switch, or a plug-in rosewood 5-LED base with a push-button on/off switch.

Click the on/off switch to illuminate the Crystal Remembrance™ light bases.
Light Stands
Unique as the Life Being Remembered
Crystal Remembrance offers those dealing with the loss of a loved one the unique opportunity to preserve a portion of their loved one’s cremated remains in a solid work of glass art. Each Crystal Remembrance™ is created by hand in our glass studio in central Ohio. Our artists are degreed and accomplished professionals who create and display glass art in galleries.

Crystal Remembrance LLC works directly with local funeral homes who will assist you in processing your request for a Crystal Remembrance. Upon completion, your Crystal Remembrance will generally arrive at your Funeral Home 4-6 weeks after we receive your order. All unused cremated remains are also returned to the family for posterity and disposition as the family desires.
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